Leaders Leading from Self

Self-Leadership Coaching Program

We live in a time of far-reaching changes that are transforming societies and business on a global level. It has become evident, that these changes confront us with a shift that cannot be handled with the mind-set and attitude that led us this far. The current developments in society, politics, economy and ecology clearly show the need for profound changes that must start on the personal level.

By Self-Leadership we mean the ability to act and decide from Soul-level in accordance with our core values and our sense of purpose. It implies to align the needs of our “ego” with the evolutionary impulses of our Soul or Self.

To remain connected with our Self in the face of challenges.

To be aware of our psychological make up and of our spiritual core guiding us through life. Having this in mind, we have developed the Self-Leadership Program that incorporates the latest findings in neurology and personal development. It challenges the general conviction that personal growth is intrinsically difficult and a tedious endeavor.

Real change comes from inside!

Target Group

Leaders and Managers
who are ready to express their full potential through a process of deep inquiry into their limiting beliefs and behaviors (reactive patterns) and core values and purpose (guiding forces).
Coaches, consultants, change agents and training/HR professionals
who are inspired to go deeper in their inner process to expand their levels of consciousness and be more effective in their roles both with their individual clients and organizations.


May 31st – June 5th, 2021



Mandali Retreat Center
Via Belvedere 2 28898 Quarna Sopra(VB)

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