Self-Leadership Coaching Program

Do you recognize reactive and limiting patterns in you that obstruct all kind of change efforts? Do you have a desire to know and live your heartfelt professional purpose? Do you feel that you have leadership potential and professional talents that are waiting to be fully awakened and expressed?

The Self-Leadership Coaching Program has been created to answer these questions taking into account the complexity of the human personality patterns. The program brings together two powerful transformation systems: the values based New Leadership Paradigm and Evolutionary Coaching developed by Richard Barrett and the Internal Family System (IFS), developed by Richard Schwartz. Whether you are leading an organization, a team or working with people as a coach or consultant, developing your capacity to lead from Self (Self-Leadership) is at the basis for more evolved and life-serving interactions with others.

Target Group

Leaders and Managers
who are ready to express their full potential through a process of deep inquiry into their limiting beliefs and behaviors (reactive patterns) and core values and purpose (guiding forces).
Coaches, consultants, change agents and training/HR professionals
who are inspired to go deeper in their inner process to expand their levels of consciousness and be more effective in their roles both with their individual clients and organizations.


Start on September 8, at 12:30 p.m. with lunch
end on September 15, at 1:00 p.m.
Group and individual coaching sessions on arrangement


BioVitalHotel Sommerau in St. Koloman near Salzburg, Austria.
The hotel is located in a beautiful landscape area about 30km South-East of Salzburg airport.

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