what we are together

As a consultant and coach I support organizations, teams and individuals in the business and academic field to shape the intersubjective space between people – in leadership, cooperation and organizational culture. I wish to inspire new perspectives to encourage people to develop their organizational culture to serve their individual and collective potential.

Today, our organizational cultures are intrinsically cross-cultural – a dynamic process of co-creation where different influences converge to form a new, joint entity. Organizations, teams and individuals are equally affected. I support them to create suitable conditions for their personal and professional fulfillment, a life-serving environment of cooperation, trust and sustainable achievements as the basis for collective alignment.


A systemic approach takes the fabric of the whole system into account not just isolated factors and discloses the properties of what is effective in between.

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I work with and for clients whose work environment I know from within: clients in the industry and scientific field. First hand experience is an asset

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