I am
a Third-culture-kid, raised in Argentina and Brazil. Later I lived in Germany, Japan and the United States. Since then the world is round –I feel globally at home.
I have
studied philosophy and cultural studies with a passion. I like to reflect, think outside the box, question things in depth and keep learning. In theory and in practice.
I can
tune in to people, with questions open new perspectives, surprise, look through matters of course, recognize patterns, inspire and structure. Appreciation is the basis, clarity the goal.
I love
to listen – what people feel, how they see the world, what moves them, the nuances, how they express themselves. But also to music, the sound of the ocean and the bird-concerts in spring. Beauty is everywhere.
I do
what I love. Analytical, intuitive and creative at once. Preferably with people who mean it. Not everybody is a good match and I don’t fit with all organizations. I consider integrity vital.


My life has led me to different places and through stages. Not only do they make sense in retrospective; more so, they open up different perspectives that converge and enrich my work with and for people.

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