CitationThe best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

This is equally true for individuals and for organizations. What and who we are today is not so much a result of our path as it is a transition on the way ahead of us. A good starting point for reflection and dialog is who we want to be and what we want to develop.

For Organizations

For Individuals

Shaping Organizations


Developing Leadership


Evolving together

Self-Leadership Alignment


Shaping Organizations

The organizational culture is the identity of an organization. How we deal with each other shows who we are – internally in leadership and cooperation, externally in our dealings with customers, partners and society. Culture is both lived and living practice – but is it suitable? Does it support or inhibit healthy cooperation? What culture do we need to have a sustainable future?

Culture becomes tangible when it is measured. I work with an instrument that enables us to map the actual values and uncover underlying beliefs and implicit social rules. When we define our values in dialog, involving leaders, colleagues and employees alike, it increases engagement and well-being for individuals and overall profitability on many levels.

Continuous and conscious development of the organizational culture is the key to success for any corporation and institution. Using the Cultural Transformation Tool and a variety of systemic-integrative methods I support you in shaping your desired organizational culture. hoch

Developing Leadership

Leading wisely

Consciously or unconsciously leaders shape organizational structures and practices according to their world-view and values. They create the framing conditions for the existing culture in the organization.

A different look at ourselves, our team and organization – by scrutinizing dogmas and matters of course, details and the big picture – can reveal new insights and a wider scope of action. When leaders are clear about their purpose and values they gain authenticity and bring their strengths to light. They live their role in alignment with their personality and true Self.

I support them on this path. With seminars and coaching. With practical experience and unusual methods. With heart and reason and much appreciation.

Leading as a peer

From matrix organizations in business to research-teams in science more and more people lead without traditional power and managerial authority. This requires a completely different leadership style that builds on communicative and social intelligence, listening and consulting skills and meets others on equal terms. It implies a paradigm shift for both parties from leading over to leading with others.

Considering the increase in complexity, the specialization of knowledge fields and subject areas this development not only makes sense – it is inevitable! However, such constellations usually take place within traditional hierarchical organizations that make it a delicate balancing act for the person in charge. Specific seminars and individual coaching supports these leaders to accomplish this challenging task. hoch

Evolving together

The workload cannot be surmounted with more of the same – working hours and staff? An inevitable structural change requires a new skill set? Projects fail not because people lack know-how but due to their limited consulting skills? – When we prepare ourselves together for the next challenge we evolve together along we way.

To persist we need to evolve. To cooperate effectively we need to keep learning: how to reach clear agreements, clarify potential conflicts, consult others on equal terms, build a culture of trust … it works better together. Learning is an unfolding journey – for each individual and all of us together.

In order to find out what is actually needed I start with an assessment and develop a customized curriculum: the right content in the appropriate form to facilitate learning with fun, structure and practical relevance. And if some topics don’t fall into my area of expertise I bring the experts on board. Then we do it together. hoch


Coaching is a goal-, dialog- and process-oriented consulting form for individuals suited to clarify professional issues that can range from strategic and pragmatic questions to personality development. The basis of my work is a systemic-integrative approach: External influencing factors are taken as much into account as the personality of the coached in her thinking, feeling, consciousness and interactions. For that, I rely on a range of different well-grounded methods and tools.

The first meeting is an opportunity to get acquainted. Topics, goals and duration of the coaching process are defined at the beginning of the coaching process, eventually in a meeting including the supervisor. The coaching process itself is strictly confidential. It usually closes with a final session aimed to clarify how the current development could be stabilized and incorporated into daily life. hoch

Impact-Coaching: Change from the Midst

Do you lead a department or an institute inside an organization and do not want to wait for change from the top any longer? Are you convinced it can work differently and better of all? As a leader you are determined to use your room to maneuver? Organizational culture can evolve to the better on any level – also from the midst of an organization.

We start with clarifying in detail the actual situation you find yourself in and determine the scope of action you and your team have to develop the culture. What makes sense? How far can you go? What is your team up to? How does that fit into the larger organization? In three consecutive modules we analyze, develop and evaluate a range of options and assess the potential impact. We use the benefits of the Cultural Transformation Tool and a mix of different methods, map the current and the desired organizational values, and define a roadmap for your next steps. hoch

Impact-Coaching: Self-Leadership Alignment

Whether you are new to the leadership role or stuck in old patterns, whether the surrounding conditions have changed or you have evolved – every now and then it is time to pause and reconsider where you stand, where you want to go from here and how this all fits your purpose. When we have inner clarity and direction our leadership style matches who we really are.

This coaching package sets an impulse to gain focus and alignment with what makes you special and really matters. In a first orientation we clarify what is at stake and define the next steps. I four consecutive modules we go in depth: Who you are at heart, what is of value to you, what drives you and where you want to go from here. To broaden your perspective we use the Cultural Values Assessment and include either the point of view of your team and colleagues (Leadership Development Report) or the insights of people close to you (Individual development Report). Through dialog and a variety of models you get introspection and an outlook on your further development. hoch